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Vida Alegría REACH Solid Brass 18-Inch Shower Head Extension Arm (Oil Rubbed Bronze)

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    • PLEASE NOTE – this product is DARK BROWN, oil rubbed bronze, NOT Matte Black!
    • Our 18 inch shower arm is a full pound of SOLID BRASS that allows your overhead rain shower to be extend far enough and high enough for a perfect shower experience. Our shower arm extension has over 7 gpm throughput (at 80PSI) and won’t be constricted from good water flow.
    • Our adjustable shower arm is made of durable all-metal (NO PLASTIC) construction won’t rust, leak, or crack. International standard 1/2-inch fittings for use with any shower head. You can adjust our shower head arm to the precise angle you need knowing it will stay there!
    • Our shower extender arm is EASY TO INSTALL with detailed, clear & illustrated step-by-step instructions, package also includes high quality Teflon tape for installation.
    • ❤️ S.K. LANG Products include our 3-Year Unconditional Warranty on all Vida Alegría showerheads; Click on our company name in the buy box to contact us any time.
    • ⚠️ PLEASE NOTE – DO NOT ATTEMPT to force the arm to lock in place BETWEEN two INTERLOCKING positions! >>Damage or injury could occur! The teeth must be fully engaged and locked in place to support the full weight of your shower head.


Vida Alegria presents the SOLID BRASS, 18 INCH REACH Shower Extension Arm. This thing is SERIOUS HARDWARE for DIY and Home Improvement professionals!

Weighing in at A FULL POUND of SOLID BRASS, with provided FREE TEFLON TAPE, you will have a waterproof installation that will not leak or crack. We have precision-machined interlocking teeth so that your shower head extender will lock into position, stay where you want it, and hold your shower head firmly in place without constant re-tightening and adjustments.

We have designed the shower pipe extension with maximum diameter in key areas.

Every shower extender has a 3 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL WARRANTY, so you can buy with confidence. Click on SK-LANG in the buy box above to email or phone us any time, because WE CARE ABOUT OUR CUSTOMERS!

Try this awesome REACH extender with our Vida Alegría 8-inch square Spashower RAIN model, or with our GINORMOUS 14-inch by 8-inch RAINFOREST model for an awesome spa-like shower experience. All available on Amazon.com!

Get a Vida Alegría showerhead for EVERY bath in your home! 


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Did you ever have one of THOSE days?

You have. We all have. You know the scenario…

You work hard. Nobody appreciates the things you do. The boss is unhappy, someone else gets the credit, and you have to clean up the mess. Bills are due. Children are crying. Phones are ringing. Text messages go unread and unanswered.


Start a hot shower and step inside. Begin with a hard, pulsating spray to pound the tensions down. Switch to a soft, relaxing pattern and let the fingers of water work the stress away. Next a high pressure drench rinses your cares down the drain. Now add the soft spray to chill out, or add the pulsating spray for invigoration. You won’t want to step out until the hot water is gone, and when you do, you are relaxed, renewed, and ready to face whatever life has to throw at you next. Bring it on, world!

 Durable construction

• Solid BRASS construction with NO PLASTIC PARTS!
• High-quality Oil Rubbed Bronze finish
• Adjustable up and down (not side to side)
 Looks great in any home, condo or apartment bathroom

3 Year hassle-free total satisfaction warranty

Get a Vida Alegría showerhead for EVERY bath in your home!

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